Zontes 155 u1 Bike Price in Nepal

zontas bike price in Nepal

Zontes 155 u1 price in Nepal is NPR 5,39,900 as Zontas comes in 4 models Zontes ZT 125, Zontes ZT 310T, Zontes ZT 310T, and Zontes ZT 350T.

The Zontes ZT 125 was released in Nepal in September 2023, while the Zontes ZT 310T and Zontes ZT 350T were released in Nepal in August 2023.

Zontes is a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 2003. The company produces a wide range of motorcycles, from scooters to adventure bikes. Zontes bikes are known for their high quality, competitive pricing, and innovative features.

Zontes bikes entered the Nepali market in 2023 with the launch of the Zontes ZT 125. The ZT 125 is a street-naked motorcycle that is powered by a 125cc engine. It is a popular choice for new riders due to its easy-to-ride handling and affordable price.

In August 2023, Zontes launched two more models in Nepal: the Zontes ZT 310T and the Zontes ZT 350T. The ZT 310T is an adventure sport motorcycle that is powered by a 310cc engine. It is a popular choice for riders who want a motorcycle that is both comfortable and capable of handling both on-road and off-road riding. The ZT 350T is a larger and more powerful version of the ZT 310T, and it is powered by a 350cc engine.

Zontas Bike Price in Indian Currency:

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The following is a list of Zontes bike prices in Nepal as of September 29, 2023:

Zontes price in Nepal:

Zontes ZT 125 NPR 4,39,900
310T NPR 8,99,900 (Standard variant)
310T NPR 9,99,900 (Top variant with single-sided swingarm)
350T NPR 10,49,900

Key features of Zontes bikes:

High quality: Zontes bike is made with high-quality materials and components. This is evident in the fit and finish of the bikes, as well as their performance and reliability.

Competitive pricing: Zontes bike is very competitively priced, especially when compared to other imported motorcycles. This makes them a great value for money.

Overall, Zontes bikes are a great option for riders in Nepal who are looking for high-quality, affordable motorcycles with innovative features.

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