Why are Nepalese leaving the country for Abroad?

There can be several reasons why students from Nepal choose to pursue education abroad:

  1. Quality Education: Many students opt to study abroad for access to high-quality education and academic institutions that may offer a wider range of programs. Modern facilities, and resources compared to what is available in Nepal.
  2. Global Exposure: Studying abroad provides students with the opportunity to gain international exposure, and broaden their perspectives.
  3. Better Career Opportunities: Studying abroad can enhance careers as graduates may have access to a larger job market. Networking opportunities, internships, or work experiences that may not be as readily available in Nepal.
  4. Specialized Programs: Some students may choose to study abroad to pursue specific programs. Also, They are more developed in their chosen country. This allows them to gain expertise in their desired field.
  5. Research and Innovation: Students with a keen interest in research and innovation may opt for institutions abroad that offer advanced facilities, funding opportunities, and collaborations with leading experts in their field.
  6. Language Learning: Studying in a foreign country provides an immersive language-learning experience. In this way, it can be beneficial for students seeking to improve their language skills, particularly English.
  7. Personal Growth and Independence: Studying abroad offers students the chance to develop independence and self-reliance.
  8. Political Stability and Safety: Concerns about political instability, safety, or limited opportunities in Nepal may prompt some.

Moreover, it’s important to note that each student’s motivations for studying abroad can vary based on their individual circumstances, aspirations, and finally personal preferences.