Rap Songs About Being Alone

Rap songs are one of the best things that we can listen to when you’re sad, alone, or depressed. It can get us happy, sad, and motivated, and It is proven by science that a sad song can make you feel happy. So, today I will be listing the best songs or best Rap Songs About Being Alone.

Rap Songs About Being Alone

Here is the list of Rap Songs About Being Alone that i love.


$uicideboy$ – Kill Yourself Part III

Part 3 of the “Kill Yourself” singles series. In this track, Ruby talks battling the depression that was triggered by his girlfriend. It is one of the best rap Songs About Being Alone. $crim, however, was fighting his addiction to opiates and his grief.

Tyler, The Creator – Inglorious

Tyler closes out his debut mixtape Bastard with the most accurate, literal, and heartfelt rendition of the album’s central theme—his father leaving him.

Chance The Rapper – The Writer

Chance Is telling listeners he can write perfect songs and defies doubters by writing it with a fast tempo and great rhymes. He shows he is a genuine MC by releasing a bit of a different kind of song. This is a bonus record that appears on the Chicago collective THEMPeople’s Smoke Breaks project. So as the song explains, he is, in fact, a writer and a perfect one at that. simply, one of the Rap Songs About Being Alone

Eminem – Mockingbird

Eminem acknowledges that growing up with his media image and Kim’s drug problem made for a difficult upbringing and not to mention their poverty-stricken beginnings. The lyrics are a personal, undisguised account of his early relationship with his wife. Its one of the best Rap Songs About Being Alone.

Critics praised the song for its lyrics and This song mixes an original rap dialogue about Eminem’s failed marriage. In the song apologizes to his daughters with a melodic version of the traditional “Mockingbird” lullaby called “Hush, Little Baby.”

Akon – Lonely

In this song, Akon wishes he had treated his girlfriend better after she leaves him.


Post Malone – I Fall Apart

Post reminisces about his hard break up in high school. The song is sixth single from Stoney and He jokingly mentioned in a Hot 97 interview that he “dove into his emotional side.” it shows in his lyrics.

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G-Eazy Alone

Alone is the 12th track from the album, Big. It was also sampled from Heart – Alone.

Eminem – Beautiful

This song is about depression. But by the end of the track, Eminem expresses optimism for the future. It is one of the great Rap Songs About Being Alone. “There’s only one song on the record that I produced. It’s a track called’ Beautiful,'” [Eminem] said in [Vibe’s June 2009] issue. “And one of the only reasons that I put that track on there is that I feel like it’s the best song out of that batch that I did. when I wasn’t sober. At the time I felt like,’ This is it for me.’


In this song, He details the emotions of uncertainty surrounding a specific relationship. He is insecure because his girlfriend had left him, bringing about a melancholy vibe. This is one of the modern Rap Songs About Being Alone.

So, this was the list of Best Rap Songs About Being Alone. Comment and mention you’re favorite songs below.