QUIZ: Which Pop Punk Vocalist Are You?

Do you want to find out Which Pop Punk Vocalist Are You??? Take this quiz to find out.

Take the quiz below to find out Which Pop Punk Vocalist Are You, and comment the screenshot of the result in the comment.

Pop-punk (also known as punk-pop, pop-punk rock or pop-punk) is a rock music genre that combines punk rock tempos with power-pop harmonies. Fast tempos, prominent electric guitars with distortion, and power chord changes are typically played under pop-influenced melodies and vocal styles with lighthearted lyrical themes including boredom, rebellion and teenage romance.

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In the United States, pop-punk began to grow in popularity in the mid-to-late 1980s and early 1990s. In the mid-1990s, the punk rock broke into the mainstream with the success of Green Day and The Offspring. During this time, these bands sold millions of records and received extensive radio and television airplay. In the 2000s, emo pop, a genre that combines emo with pop-punk, became one of the most mainstream genres of rock. Since the 2010s, pop punk’s mainstream popularity has declined.