5 Nepali Songs You Didn’t Know were copied!

With the rise of the internet and youtube, the artists from our country also have been able to reap the benefit and reach more fans worldwide. And even people can listen to Nepali song easily but again due to the rise of the internet and youtube people are becoming more aware, and it has created difficulties to a few artists who think they can copy the song, translate it, present it as their own and get away with it. The recent expose of Kali Prasad’s Insta ko Photo shows Nepali artist still trying to fool Nepali audience, but he’s not alone to do so here are another Nepali songs which are blatantly rip off.

5 – Thamel Bazar

Another Kali Prasad Baskota song which shows similarity to another song.
Whether it is copied or inspired the similarity between this song old Bollywood song titled ‘Tujhe Jeevan Ki Dor’  is undeniable. Thamel Bazar is one of the favorite songs in Nepal, already amassing 27million views.

4(Sathi) 60

Sathi(60) was the song from Nepali band called Mt8848. Released in the mid-2000s. its easily one of the catchy and fun song that tv channels wouldn’t stop playing back in the days, but the only problem with the song is its copied. The song is very similar to Albert Hammond’s The Free Electric Band 1973. Guitar riff is the same.

3-Bir Gorkhali

This song is one of the famous songs in Nepal. performed by Mantra Band, The song tells about the bravery of gorkhali warriors which is very awesome catchy. but sadly it is copied from a song called Parental Guidance by the Judas Priest

2- Insta ko photo

‘Insta ko Photo’ was one of the trending songs in Nepal. When the song got uploaded in youtube, it immediately became trending and was loved by many people. but it didn’t take long for Nepali Netizens to figure out that it was a rip off of a French song named Quelqu’un m’a dit by Carla Bruni. After the expose, Kali Prasad became Copy prasad, and many memes followed.


This song was very famous among the teens and those with the heartbreaks, as the song was intense. Performed by Dibya Subba, it was an instant hit and loved by Nepalese, but the song wasn’t original as it is a copy of a Filipino song called Halik by Aegis.