Nepali Netizens petition against VIP Sawari in Nepal

a couple of days ago an APF van hitting a scooter in the road and leaving the scene without even looking back went crazy viral on the social media. The video showed the Van full of APF personnel hitting a scooter in the road causing it to lose balance and go down in a busy road of New Baneshwor.

The incident angered the Nepalese people so much so that there is a petition against it which is already signed by almost 20k people. Click here to join the petition.

fortunately, the scooter rider escaped a big accident given it was a pretty busy road, the video instantly became viral and everyone started asking for clarification to Nepal Police and Traffic.

It turns out it was an entourage for former PM Lokendra Bahadur Chand, who was quick to post a non-apology on facebook about the incident.

The incident created lots of backlash against the APF and people are angry about that incident that there is a petition for stopping the VIP Sawari. The traffic police released their statement and claimed they are investigating the incident and they will persecute the driver according to the law.

It is not the first time that Nepalese people protested against VIP escorting, a video of people using the horn to protest the VIP escorting also went viral a few months ago.