Khalti Conducts Smart Chhori workshop for Miss Nepal 2019 contestants.

Khalti, The Nepali digital wallet conducted a workshop for all the contestants of Miss Nepal 2019.

Khalti launched the ‘Smart Chhori’ programme back in April of 2019, with the view of empowering girls and young women in Nepal through financial knowledge and skills.

Khalti conducted the workshop for Miss Nepal 2019 and informed about it on Facebook to explain, how Khalti is determined to promote digital and financial literacy among girls and young women, not only that Khalti also explained how they trained the contestants to protect himself from online threats.

The workshop provided the contestants’ knowledge about digital payments and online security. The event also gave the Miss Nepal contestants knowledge about cyberbullying and hate speeches and how to deal with it and ways of reporting such online abuses to the authority.

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Who is a Smart Chhori? Who can enroll in the program?

miss nepal 2019  Khalti
Image By Khalti

Smart Chhori programme is a free e-learning platform inside the Khalti Digital Wallet app where girls can learn about the basics of digital payments, online security, and personal finance.

Girls and young women from the age group 15-35 years having a smartphone & access to the internet can enroll in the program.

More detail in Khalti’s Site