Five Best Green Day Songs Which Are massively Underrated

Green Day is one of the most successful rock band in the world. Green Day rose to the stardom after their smash hit album Dookie in 1994. Before going mainstream Green Day was originally part of the punk scene at the DIY 924 Gilman Street club in Berkeley, California.

Green Day

Green Day has written some of the famous and best pop-punk genre-defining band. The band has some of the smash-hit songs like Basket Case, American Idiot, etc. many of their songs goes overlooked. Despite enjoying tremendous success, Green Day has some of the songs that are not appreciated as much as they should be. So, we have listed the top five songs by Green Day, which is underrated or underappreciated.

Five Best Green Day Songs Which Are massively Underrated

5) Pulling Teeth

The sixth song off Dookie is one of the most overlooked songs from the album. The song shows from the perspective of a man who is abused by his girlfriend, and how he can’t get out of his situation. The song has a very dark bit of humor to it, considering the subject matter. The inspiration for this song comes from when bassist Mike Dirnt was having a pillow fight with his then-girlfriend. Mike allegedly ran around a corner, hit his head, and landed on and broke both of his elbows.

4) The Grouch

The Grouch is The third track off their third album, Nimrod. The song lays the perspective of a grumpy, arrogant, and irritated man who has ‘grown old.’ It shows how he’s wasted all his life away, and now all he can do is complain about it. He exists, but he lost his will to live – he hates everything and drowns himself in regret and hatred. The song is probably one of the most underrated yet awesome Green Day songs.

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Whatsername is the last track from their most sold album, American Idiot. The song follows Jesus, after being home and living in normality, still regrets losing Whatsername. It’s been so long; he can’t even remember her name. He wonders what happened to her. All he has is his memories of her. The album ends with him still trying to forget her. It’s merely one of the best songs they’ve, but it is very underrated.


The 8th track off their recent album Revolution Radio, Youngblood was one their new song which sounds like their early pop-punk song something off like kerplunk. The song is a power-pop anthem to the brighter side of love. Still, this love song manages to work in some very punk rock lyrics. Like most the other Green Day songs dedicated to Armstrong’s wife Andrienne, the track sounds much more upbeat and positive than the majority of work in the band’s catalog.


The third single off their album Warning, waiting is probably one their most underrated songs. The whole album is very underappreciated, to be honest. The song is very emotional, filled with optimism and positivity. The narrator describes his feelings about his future and opportunities; the moment that he’s been waiting for is not something material, but simply the time when he feels he can start a new life, do something he wouldn’t have dared to do before. “Warning” has the main message that comes across in this song (as its title says) of fulfillment. The melody based on Petula Clark’s “Downtown.”