Does Argentina Hate Nepal?

Does Argentina hate Nepal?

If you support the Argentina football team or Messi, You’ve probably heard people saying that they hate Nepal and you should not support them!

So, Why Would They Hate Us?

There is a widespread belief that Argentina hates Nepal and many people believe we shouldn’t support them. People believe that they hate Nepalese people because of the Gurkha Army’s involvement in Falklands War in 1982! Nepalese Regiments were deployed in the South Atlantic Conflict of 1982. They landed on the islands as part of a 180-year contract with the British Army. The Nepalese belonged to the 7th Duke of Edinburgh’s Own Gurkha Rifles and played a crucial part in Britain’s success. Due to the Gurkha Army’s part in this war, many people believe that Argentina hates Nepal and Nepalese.

There are many hear-say about it. some of them are:-

Nepalese cant get Visa to Argentina?

There is no firm evidence that Argentina doesn’t give visa to Nepalis, actually, there are Nepalis who have gotten the visa to Argentina. so, this statement just seems to be wrong.

Many hoaxes usually generated in Nepal(esp. in Tea shop). Yes, it is true that Nepalese need a tourist Visa to enter Argentina that doesn’t mean that we don’t get Visas.

Nepalese Flag Burned In Argentina?

This is one of the hoaxes that we hear a lot in Nepal, which is totally false as there is no evidence, we can see this type of hoaxes in most of the football argument if you support Messi or Argentina.

On Mar 25, 2017-Argentina and Barcelona FC football superstar Lionel Messi through his Leo Messi Foundation contributed in building 14 healthcare centres in earthquake-hit districts in Nepal and we didn’t saw any Argentine people angry on this decision!

Funny thing is most of the Argentines doesn’t even seem to know where Gurkhas are from!
Here are some of the Opinions given by people of Argentina-:

Argentina National Football Team is one of the most popular and supported football team in Nepal!