Disgraceful Bangladeshi captain in big trouble after abusing referees

Bangladeshi team captain Jamal Bhuyan may face a huge ban as he lost his temper and abusively pushed the referee and the assistant referee.

During match between Nepal vs Bangladesh in SAG games, which Nepal won by 1-0, he was sent off in last minute of injury time showing second yellow card by the referee but instead of leaving the field he started to push the referee and also assistant and there was a tense moment for a while.

Now, FIFA might take a strict action against Jamal as FIFA is always against the misconduct done against the referee.

According to the FIFA law this is considered a form of “Violent Conduct” and is an immediate dismissal from the match.

Beyond that, there is nothing expressly within “The Laws of the Game” (the “rules” of soccer) that specify what subsequently happens—that decision is at the discretion of the league or sanctioning body.

So, now the FIFA might take decisions regarding the act done today by the Bangladeshi Player and the decision totally depends upon the report submitted by the match official who were in charge of the match.

What is your opinion on Bangladeshi Captain’s shameful act?