Annapurna Natural History Museum Butterfly Collection

The museum displays nearly all of Nepal’s 660 native species of butterfly and moth. Wonderful handmade dioramas display the medley of moths and butterflies. The dioramas and the meticulous index show the regions of Nepal in which the winged critters were found.

Other butterflies are preserved under glass in wooden drawers and are grouped by related species. Exploring the drawers is a fun box-of-chocolates way to become acquainted with the stunning variety of native moths and butterflies of this diverse and unique biosphere, especially before taking off on a trek to visit their living relatives.

A highlight of the collection is Attacus atlas, the largest moth in the world by wingspan. But if you don’t see the massive moth, admiring the many mountain and tropical butterflies displayed in this curated, meticulously organized collection is still a treat.

Know Before You Go

The museum is located about 4.5 miles (seven kilometers) from the main tourist district of Lakeside. Entry is donation based, and generally open during normal business hours, which can be somewhat unpredictable in Nepal.

It’s accessible via bike, bus, or taxi and is walkable from the Seti River Gorge if you visit there as well.