Short note on flow of CSF (cerebrospinal fluid)

CSF and its flow through ventricles

CSF and it flows through ventricles:-CSF is one of the body’s circulating fluid. Found between the spaces between arachnoid and pia mater. The area is called the subarachnoid. It runs throughout the brain and spinal cord. It forms continually from filter out blood in a network of brain capillaries. Known as the choroid plexus and into the ventricles.

Flow of CSF

The flow of CSF:- CSF ( cerebrospinal fluid), formed by the choroid plexus, seeps from the lateral ventricles into the third ventricles. Which flows down through the cerebral aqueduct into the fourth ventricle. From the fourth ventricle into the small tube-like central canal of the cord and out into the subarachnoid space. And moves down and around the cord up and around the brain (in subarachnoid spaces) and return to the blood (in the vein of the brain).