#JantaJannaChahadaina Nepali Girls To Rishi Dhamala

In the day of International women’s day, girls on social media have used #JantaJannaChahadaina to speak up against Rishi Dhamala’s inappropriate questionings to Nepalese celebrities.

Rishi Dhamala as we all know is famously known for making inappropriate and awkward questions while interviewing the guests. Recently a video of him asking the same type of questions to Rekha Thapa went Viral, he also did the same kind of questioning to Niruta Singh.

Nepalese girls stepped forward and requested Rishi Dhamala to slow down a little bit with his inappropriate questionings; the girls were using #JantaJannaChahadaina to show displeasure about his interrogations to celebrities. He usually says ‘Janta Janna cha hancha’ before asking the awkward and cringe-worthy questions.

Nepalese girls shared the screenshot of the comment which seems to be from youtube made by a user named Garima Khakurel with hashtag #JantaJannaChahadaina as a mean to say enough is enough.

The user requested him to show some respect to women or celebrities. And user suggested to him that Janta is more worried about knowing Nirmala’s killer and ‘Melamchi ko Pani kaile auncha.’