PUBG PC Lite is Coming to Nepal

PUBG is becoming one of the most played game in the world.

With more people downloading and playing the game, it seems it won’t be slowing down at any moment. PUBG Mobile has successfully become a top-rated game in many countries, and its popularity is undeniably immense in our country too and with a new announcement from PUBG revealed that the PUBG PC lite would be expanding to SAARC countries.


PUBG PC Lite Nepal

PUBG Lite is expanding its beta gradually and making it more globally accessible for fans.

PUBG PC Lite is the PC version of the game that doesn’t require huge specs and can run in low-end pc too, which is expected to give PUBG PC experience to the gamers with low-end rigs.

PUBG Lite Team stated that “On June 20, 2019, the PUBG LITE servers will be under maintenance for an update. Server maintenance will hold for 4 hours from 5:00AM~9: 00 AM (UTC). There will be various bug fixes and content updates during this maintenance. Please be patient with us as we continue to work to enhance your PUBG LITE gameplay experience.”

PUBG Lite is an official spin-off of the PC version and is also available to play alongside the PUBG Mobile PC emulator. Ever since PUBG Lite’s beta version started in the South East Asia region, it has gained a lot of popularity. The update note on PUBG Lite’s official website read, “To celebrate our expansion, we have opened special offers to pre-registering players of the target region. Those who visit our website from the SAARC region, as listed below, will be directed to our event page, so follow the instructions and start your journey with a handful of gifts.”

The beta version of PUBG Lite will be expanding to the following countries – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Players can now pre-register on PUBG Lite’s official website.