Banning PUBG Mobile- The Most Idiotic Thing Ever In Nepal.

Nepali authority today leaped to the conclusions with a decision of banning people from downloading and playing the game PUBG in Nepal. PUBG banned in Nepal?

PUBG Banned in Nepal?

The Kantipur broke the news about Nepal Telecommunications Authority ordering ISP to prohibit people from downloading PUBG.


PUBG, one of the most played game in the world which managed to attract a huge player from Nepal.

pubg banned in Nepal

The banning of the game shows how miss informed Nepali authority and how their problem-solving method is logicless. Most of the Nepali authority seems to believe in banning the problem rather than seeking solutions.

Why PUBG is ban in Nepal?

There were many reports of parents complaining about their kid getting addicted to the game and playing it for hours. But is banning the game real solution?

There should be the role of parents in correcting their kids, calling for it to be banned for everyone because your children are addicted is very pointless things to do.

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There are definitely various ways of mitigating the problem than literally drumming out the game or app. Banning the game just because someone can’t control their child or monitor them makes no sense at all. The same argument can be made to ban other apps such as Facebook, tiktok, Youtube and Netflix, Even televisions can cause similar effects and it has more reach.

Addiction to anything is definitely dangerous whether it’s games, television or any other entertainment stuff but banning it for everyone is not the best idea.

while Nepal is lagging behind in the digital world, banning the certain app, increasing tax in internet services and New Information Technology bill won’t be helping.