Nepali football players abroad today

Deepak Singh Thakuri Flies

Nepali football players abroad today for a better future, better playing opportunities, better quality of life, and also migration opportunities.

It is clear that Nepali football is in downfall. Many star Nepali players have even played for the Nepal National Team and have left the country for their secure lives and better opportunities.

Nepali Football Abroad is not good for the country as players are known as the pride of the country and leaving for a foreign country for a better life is a major concern.

Nepali football players abroad
Nepali football players abroad today

Recently concluded Nepal’s A-Division League 2023 season was done just for the sake of doing, forcefully. The league was about 3 months but was done in such a manner that the clubs/players even had to play 2 games in 3 days or at least 2 or even 3 matches a week.

We think that the more matches the player plays the better it is. Yes, it is true but playing matches without proper rest is dangerous for players as it increases chances of injury and it is very bad for their growth. That is the reason why some players pass their peak at such a young age.

Players like Deepak Singh Thakuri, who was the top-scoring Nepali player in the recently concluded A-Division League, have left the country for Australia. Nishant Khadka, Ravi Paswan, Ritik Khadka, Kushal Phuyal, and many other players from Nepal’s Top Tier League have recently left the country for abroad.

Nepali football players abroad today
Nepali football players abroad today

Nepal’s most sought-after young coach, who went on to manage FC Khumaktar, Manang Marshyangdi Club, and Sankata Club head coach Bishnu Gurung also left Nepal for Australia recently. This is a matter of concern for Nepali Football and the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA).

But it seems like ANFA and the sports council don’t care about it.

They leave Nepal for Australia, Canada, or the USA for many reasons:

  • Better Playing Opportunities
    Australia may offer better playing opportunities for Nepali Football Players. They may also have access to higher-quality coaching and facilities. Players often seek environments where they can further develop their skills and advance their careers.
  • Financial Incentives
    Nepali Football moves abroad for their secured future and better earnings. Financially it is much better for them in Abroad than in Nepal. Most of them join mature league clubs and also work part-time for better finance.

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  • Exposure and Recognition
    Playing in more organized leagues even though most of them join amature league clubs, they still can provide players with greater financial help and a better lifestyle.
  • Quality of Life
    Nepali Football Abroad to Australia might offer footballers and their families a better quality of life, including access to better education, healthcare, and overall living conditions.
  • Migration Opportunities
    Some Nepali football players may have personal reasons for moving to Australia, such as family ties, educational opportunities, or immigration policies that facilitate their relocation.
  • International Experience
    For Nepali Football Players playing in a different country allows them to gain international experience, which can be valuable for both their personal development and the national team if they represent Nepal in international competitions.