How To Subscribe To ADSL In Nepal

NTC’s ADSL internet service is one of the oldest and most subscribed services in Nepal and recently they have upgraded their service to provide better internet service in cheap pricing as Nepal started buying internet bandwidth from China.

ADSL New Unlimited Offers

NT ADSL introduced Unlimited and Volume Based Offers which are very reasonably priced as shown below

Available ADSL Unlimted Plans 

S. No Description Package Rate Monthly Price of Package Validity
1 1 Month 5Mbps Unlimited 700 700 30 Days
2 6 Month 5Mbps Unlimited 3750 625 180 Days
3 12 Month 5Mbps Unlimited 7000 583 360 Days

Available ADSL Data Based Plans

S. No. Description Data Volume GB Old Rate with taxes Rs. New Rate with Taxes Rs. Validity
1 ADSL  up to5 Mbps 15 300 200 30 Days
2 ADSL  up to5 Mbps 25 500 300
3 ADSL  up to5 Mbps 40 700 400


For  Subscribing to the  NTC ADSL follow these steps:-

  1. firstly, You will need to have PSTN line(Landline Service) from Nepal Telecom as the internet service will using the same line.
  2. You will need to buy an ADSL2+ modem Router which usually costs around Rs.2000-3500
  3. Submit the ADSL form mentioning the desired speed to the Telecom office from where your line is connected, along with Photocopy of citizenship certificate and also take the router with you and tell them to set-up the router settings.
  4. For a company, Company registration certificate and proprietor’s citizenship photocopy are needed.
  5. If technically feasible, you will be contacted for the subscription and initial payment
    Upon initial payment, you will get the user-id, Password and connection instructions. Telecom will provide the Broadband services within 7 days of application for the broadband connection based on the technical feasibility.