Halloween Date Of Release And All The Information About The Movie

Halloween 2018 Movie

Halloween 2018 movie is an upcoming American slasher film directed by David Gordon Green and written by Jeff Fradley, Green, and Danny McBride.The trailer for the Halloween 2018 starts with a woman checking sound—“1, 2, 3, testing.” She and another man are making a documentary about a murderer, as tends to be a thing these days. The movie is about a man who escaped from a mental institution 40 years ago, killed several people, and was shot by his doctor. It is the eleventh instalment in the Halloween franchise, picking up forty years after the events of the original film while disregarding the continuity of the previous sequels. Check Halloween 2018 date and other info below:

Halloween 2018 Movie Release Date:- October 19, 2018
Writers: David Gordon Green, Danny McBride
Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Nick Castle, Andi Matichak, James Jude Courtney
Director: David Gordon Green
halloween 2018 movie

Series co-creator John Carpenter serves as a composer, executive producer and creative consultant for the film, which will be distributed by Universal Pictures, its first involvement in the Halloween franchise since the 1982 film Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

After the release of Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, a sequel to the 2007 remake of the original, two consecutive follow-ups went into development from former rights holder Dimension Films, respectively, but neither achieved fruition. As a result, the company lost the rights to the intellectual property, later obtained by Blumhouse Productions with John Carpenter’s involvement. Carpenter, disagreed with the remake’s portrayal of the lead killer. Carpenter wanted the next Halloween film to be more terrifying. Filmmakers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, who were already fans, proposed their vision to Blumhouse and Carpenter.

halloween 2018 date

The movie will be a follow-up of the original. Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle are back for their roles as Laurie Strode and Myers. The movie is going to release on 19 August 2018.