7 Footballers Whose Doppelgänger Has Been Spotted in Nepal

It is said that everyone has seven version of themselves in this world which is of course not really proven by science YET, but here are seven doppelgänger of the famous footballers whose been spotted in Nepal and which will make you think if the theory is true and will definitely make you laugh.


7) Ozil

Nepalese Ozil Spotted travelling in a bus.

6) Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney in Nepal’s village.

5) Suárez

Nepali suarez chilling under a tree.

4) Iniesta

Iniesta riding a horse in Nepal during late 90s? LOL


3) Neymar

Old version of Neymar in Nepal.

2) Ronaldo

Ronaldo in Nepali dress!

1) Ramos

Ramos as a Soldier in NEPAL.