Captain Marvel’s screening gets canceled in Nepal- Nepali Netizens Reacts.

Captain Marvel was supposed to release in 8th March 2019, but suddenly its screenings were canceled without any proper statements. Many rumors followed, but there were no official words from concerned parties; however, QFX claimed that the distributors did not confirm the movie and it got canceled this angered the huge Number of Nepali Marvel fans.

Reactions from Nepali Netizens in Twitter:-

There was much rumor about why not movie getting screened in Nepal. Many believed there was no distributor for Disney/Marvel Movies in Nepal which is not true as Gopi Krishna Movies had already secured the distribution rights for 12 Disney/Marvel movies for 2019 including Captain Marvel. Some even believe that its dirty trick by Gopi Krishna to save the Nepali Movie Captain as Gopi Krishna is also the distributor and producer of Captain.