Best Music Courses & Certificates Online

Students hoping to work in the music and entertainment industries should consider enrolling in music certificate programs. With the help of these best music courses & certificates online, students can build a solid foundation in music theory, performance, composition, and production.

Following certificate programs in music, students can pursue a variety of well-known career routes, including those of instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, and producers. These courses can be finished in a few months to a year and are typically short in length.

Music certificate programs are an excellent way to acquire the fundamentals of music and enter the field with marketable abilities.

Here are some of the best online music courses with certifications:

  1. Certificate in Advanced Music Production (CAMP)
    One of the Top-rated music courses online, its goal is to help aspiring music producers become more proficient in their craft. Using tools and technology that are typical in the business, students will gain advanced abilities in music production, synthesis, and recording.The course’s practical instruction helps students gain more skills and understanding of the workflow involved in music production. The course develops students’ comprehension and production skills for music, preparing them for the workforce.

    Platform: The Audio Guys Institute
    Duration: Around 6 months
    Eligibility: Class 12, TAG music production certificate or equal, Basic vocational proficiency in English
    Fees: Indian Rupee: 1,79,000

  2. Certificate in Live Sound
    It is among the highest-rated online music classes as those interested in a career in live sound are the target audience for this course. Students will work with professionals in the field and gain practical experience using industry-standard equipment. Many real-world events will be examined throughout the course to provide students with a deeper understanding of the live sound process.

    Platform: The Audio Guys Institute
    Duration: 6 months
    – Eligibility: Class 12, Basic vocational proficiency in English as well as Hindi
    Fees: INR 1,70,000

  3. Certificate in Performing Arts
    In the same way, students enrolled in the program learn both the theoretical and practical elements of Hindustani music. And, the lesson plan will help students comprehend how a single musical style evolved into Hindustani and Karnatak styles. After finishing the course, students will better understand and appreciate Hindustani music.

    – Platform: IGNOU
    – Duration: 6 months
    – Eligibility: Class 10
    – Fees: INR 4,000

  4. Certificate Course in Music Production
    This top-notch music education program online is a course intended for musicians who want to improve their sound engineering abilities. The training employs cutting-edge methods like DAW and covers both the technical and artistic sides of sound. Pupils will learn about studio recording and mixing procedures to get an understanding of music production. Upon completion of this course, students will have developed both macro and micro perspectives regarding music.

    – Platform: SACAC
    – Duration: 4 months
    – Eligibility: 16+ years of age
    – Fees: INR 1,25,000

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  5. Certificate Course in Music Business ManagementAgain, this is another of the best online certificates in music, its goal is to give a thorough overview of the music business. It covers various job categories in the music industry, including marketing, artist management, intellectual property, and music publishing.

    Students who complete it will be equipped with the industry knowledge necessary to seek careers in the music business as professionals or as artists.

    – Platform: SACAC
    – Duration: 2 months
    – Eligibility: 18 years of age
    – Fees: INR 35,000

  6. Introduction to Music Theory
    Likewise, this is one of the best music courses & certificates online as students who wish to learn but lack formal training or education are the target audience for this course. Participants in this workshop may also be non-trained musicians. The six-session course aims to impart the joy of producing music while covering the fundamentals of music theory.

    – Platform: edX – Berklee
    – Duration: 6 weeks
    – Fees: Free