Barcelona’s new technical secretary- Eric Abidal

Eric Abidal will be Barcelona’s new technical secretary and replace Robert Fernandez, the club announced.

The Catalan side decided against renewing Fernandez’s contract, and he will leave at the end of June when it expires.

Abidal was a Barça player for six seasons, from 2007 to 2013 and his new role will see him be a lot more personable with the players than his predecessor.

The Frenchman has this profile since he always maintained a good relationship with all the players of the first team.

And he can be a fundamental figure if finally Antoine Griezmann joins the club.

Barcelona have more and more French players and the new man will play an important role in their adaptation.

For example, his help will be fundamental for Ousmane Dembele.

What Abidal doesn’t have is knowledge of the world football market.

He hasn’t done this job since leaving Barcelona in 2013, so this function should fall to Ramon Planes, who will work hand in hand with Pep Segura in the search for future players.

Getting someone like Abidal in was necessary once it was decided that Robert wasn’t going to continue.

Segura doesn’t have a positive relationship with the first team, more so since the beginning of last season when he criticised Pique for his performance in the Spanish Super Cup.